Breakfast Room

Enjoy Greek flavors with Aura of hospitality

Breakfast Room, Avra hotel: Perea hotels Thessaloniki airport beach
Breakfast Room, Avra hotel: Perea hotels Thessaloniki airport beach
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Everything you need from your breakfast!

If you wish to start the day with positive energy, you should try our breakfast in the imaginative and cozy breakfast room of the Avra Hotel Thessaloniki.

Decorated with warm colors inspire euphoria to you and fulfill you with all the joy you need to seize the day. We choose very carefully the freshest products of our region and serve you a wide variety of traditional dishes. Scrambled eggs, omelette or egg eye, plain or with bacon, tomatoes, feta, olives and oregano, French toast, hot toast and homemade jam. Salami sausage, ham, turkey, bologna and sausage, yellow cheese and feta cheese from local producers. It is worth to try our local yoghurt and honey from pine trees and from flowers from our region, chocolate cream, oat cereals with nuts and raisins. Tomato and cucumber.

Our Greek breakfast is completed by bread, fruits, olives, cakes, frumenty and pies as spinach and cheese pie. Finally, you could enjoy our, green or black tea, lemon tea or berries, chamomile, the Greek coffee and fresh milk. In all recipes used extra virgin olive oil.

Using only the freshest of ingredients from our region, all options in our a-la carte menu offer high nutritional value.

Serving hours: 07.00 am - 11.00 am

For those customers who have a very early morning flight, we can serve breakfast before the scheduled time, after consultation with the full range of products we offer.

For customers who want to enjoy their breakfast in another location, during an excursion or want to take it with them to the airport (for a very morning flight), we are happy to prepare breakfast in special packages to take with them .




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