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The archeological site of Vergina is located approximately 20 minutes from Thessaloniki by car. In this area was found the tomb of King Fillip the second, father of Alexander the Great, which was discovered during an excavation of the famous Greek Archeologist Manolis Andronikos. The main findings are being held in the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki, despite the above, in the area there is a museum where finding from various other excavations in the area are being held.


Beautiful, deep green, with pines, the peninsula of south-eastern Thessalonica constitutes in the past few year popular tourist destination. The beautiful beaches, the spotless waters and the combination of mountain and sea, have brought Chalkidiki between the more popular tourist destinations in Greece.  The peninsula of Kassandra distance roughly 1,5km from Thessalonica and her beautiful beaches constitutes beloved destination of interruptions.  The peninsula of Sithonia abstains roughly 2 hours from Thessalonica and attracts with its beauty and landscapes and the combination of its deep green pinewoods and sea.  The peninsula of Athos (Mouth Athos): The Eastern peninsula of Halkidiki is in reality an autonomous religious community where a lot of Christian orthodox monasteries, built in steep rocks exist. Remarkable it is the fact that the entry in Mouth Athos is allowed exclusively to men which are allowed to stay in some monastery only for 4 nights. The visitors leave for Mouth Athos from the harbour of Oyranoypolis..


Olympus, the higher mountain of Greece was, according to the mythology, the residence of 12 Olympian Gods during the ancient years. Today Olympus, with his 8 tops of, tallest of which reaches 2918m, constitutes beloved destination and challenge for the climbers. In Olympus also exists a national forest. It is located 1 hour drive from Thessalonica by car.