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Thessaloniki Attractions museum beach archaeological sites
Thessaloniki Attractions museum beach archaeological sites
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New Waterfront of Thessaloniki City

The trademark of the city and the favourite walk for all the inhabitants which promises to become your favourite, too.

Thessaloniki is one of the few cities all around Europe with such an extensive and organized waterfront which is expanding from Thessaloniki's port to Thessaloniki's Concert Hall. The pleasure of this specific route across the sea is a unique experience for all the people who attempt it.

Equip yourself with cameras, because in this coastal route you will find various sights of the city, such as the White Tower of Thessaloniki, the Statue of Alexander the Great, the Umbrellas, which attract photographically most of the visitors and is concerned as one of the most romantic points in this marvellous city, the various recreational parks with lakes, waterfalls, tennis courts, basketball courts, skateboards tracks, playgrounds, refreshment rooms and other options for entertainment and relaxation.

In the afternoon, we suggest you to enjoy the sunset with the sunlight being lost in the sea or having a mini cruise on Thermaikos gulf, admiring the view of the city which climbs from the waterfront to the castles. The wooden and organized pirate boats await you near to the White Tower to give you this unique experience.

Ano Poli (Upper Town of Thessaloniki)

If you want to go back to yesterday, just go up to the Upper Town of Thessaloniki. You will think that you have been back in time, since the inhabitants of the Upper Town maintain a traditional way of life, based on habits that can be traced back to the years of immigration, such as refugee houses, potted yards, stretched out laundry, cobbled streets and the well-known Castles – Walls of Thessaloniki.

Enjoy the sunset from above, an experience that shocks the most restrained, since all Thessaloniki with the blue color of Thermaikos will suddenly be found under your feet! Visit the Gedi Koule (Eptapirgio), where art and non-art exhibitions are hosted in various exhibition rooms.

The Byzantine church of St. Nicholas of Orpheus and Saint David, temples with a great history and a multitude of extraordinary frescoes await you to visit them. The Vlatadon Monastery with its magnificent courtyard awaits you, too.

Secret Markets of Thessaloniki

Discover the traditional and 'secret' markets of the city, which few visitors are fortunate to get to know. Markets that contain all sorts of things from food to antiques to decorate your home by purchasing unique choices with the pinnacle of the old city of Thessaloniki. Along with your visit to these secret markets, you will get history lessons, as passing from the sights on your route, you can also devote a part of your time to them.

The first point of the route is the so-called Louloudadika with the various outdoor florists. Continuing, you will meet Modiano on Ermou and Heraklion streets which has bustle when the market is opened. Modiano is a market that dates back to 1908 and was named from its architect, Elli Modiano. It is consisted of many kinds of shops such as butchers, baccarats, fish markets and others, since this huge market will cover all the daily and non-daily needs of the visitors. Within the Modiano market you will feel full and it is certain that before you depart you will be loaded with various items.

The next stop of markets is the well-known Kapani, an area located northwest of Aristotelous Square. This specific market offers an unforgettable experience to visitors who, besides endless benches of all kinds, offers you experiences from traditional itinerant people and endless voices in the effort to attract you to buy their own products!

The tour of markets continues on the Halkeon market, where there are the last remaining bikers and finally the Bit Bazar with its groceries and antique shops, markets which promise a unique trip in time.

Museum in Thessaloniki

For the lovers of art and archeology, Thessaloniki offers unique experiences, as it has some of the most important museums of northern Greece and ancient Macedonia.

It is worth to visit:

  • The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (Open: Monday: 13.00-20.00, Tuesday-Sunday: 08.00-20.00, Entrance Fee: 6 Euro, 3 Euro Reduced, Manoli Andronikou 6, tel. +30 2310 830538,,, which has findings from the wider area of Thessaloniki and the neighboring prefectures, through which takes place a historical retrospection of the city, but at the same time these findings present the history and culture of ancient Macedonia.
  • The Museum of Byzantine Culture (Open: Monday-Sunday 09.00-16.00, Entrance Fee: 4 Euro, 2 Euro Reduced, 2, Leoforos Stratou 2, tel. +30 2313306400,, with extremely interesting exhibits, through which is created a comprehensive view of the Byzantine culture. The exhibits include mosaics, sculptures, frescoes, miniature artifacts, icons, etc., found in various regions of Macedonia and of course in Thessaloniki.
  • The State Museum of Contemporary Art (Open: Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00, Entrance Fee: 3 Euro, 1.50 Euro Reduced, Kolokotroni 21, Moni Lazariston, tel. +30 2310 589143,, includes a series of remarkable works from contemporary visual artists, as well as 1277 works of art by leading artists of the Russian avant-garde.
  • The Factory - Chocolate Museum (Tuesday-Friday: 09.00-14.00 & 17.00-20.00, Saturday-Sunday: 11.00-20.00, Monday closed, Entrance Fee: 5 euro, Egnatias 154, tel. +30 2310 291267,, is the first chocolate factory in Greece, occupies an area of 2500 square meters and introduces the visitors to the chocolate secrets and to a variety of other sweet treats. It has various themes such as the jungle of the Amazon where someone can learn about the history of chocolate, the Exotic Shack and the Pirate Ship that lead to the Factory of Chocolate, Europe's largest Chocolate Cascade, Sweet Library, Showrooms, Chocolate Constructions, as well as Training Venues.


The historic Ladadika are located at the crossroads of Tsimiski, Dragoumi, Salaminos and Kountouriotou streets, southeast of the city and is one of the most attractive spots for relaxation and food or entertainment. Ladadika were named in this way because, in this area, oil traders had their shops in the old days (until 1917). In the 80's and after being escaped by a big fire, they were hit by the 1978 earthquake, leaving them to be abandoned, giving a picture of desolation for years and losing the glamor that accompanied them.

A few years later, in particular in 1990, they entered a redevelopment program and began to acquire significant value once again because, due to their harbor and central point, they gained again an important place in the preference of all the people and tourist visitors. Traditional architecture has been preserved, creating stunning streets with many different dining and entertainment options.

Taste the local delicacies which have excellent taste and entertain until the morning to feel the rhythm of this unique part of old Thessaloniki.

Valaoritou Street

A historical area of Thessaloniki, which has changed its profile in recent years with the innumerable bars, beer bars and clubs that have replaced the desks and white goods stores for which this street has been known for years. It is located between the Egnatia, Ionos Dragoumis and Leontos Sofou streets and constitutes the most "IN" neighborhood for most of the youth. Visitors have the opportunity to have fun until the early morning hours in bars, which attract the customer with their special way and style, with shopkeepers who do their best to gain new customers at the entrances of any particular entertainment center or restaurant. Respond to this call, having fun each and every time with the way in which these shopkeepers invent to attract your attention!

OASTH Cultural Route

The city's 50th city bus line has been in existence since 2009, allowing the visitor to experience with all the city's historical and cultural sights. Through the audiovisual material presented in the bus, the printed material given to each passenger and the escorted tour, the visitor receives all the necessary information that they need for each of the city's attractions or points of interest.

The bus has 15 stops and with the same ticket you can get off at any stop and take the next route until you finish the route. The route starts from the White Tower and lasts about 50 to 60 minutes. Ticket Fee: 2 euro, 1 euro (reduced). (tel. +30 2310 981100,,


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