Beach of Perea

The sea of Perea, calm and peaceful will rest you!

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Perea beach


It is one of the most organized beaches!

Awarded with a blue flag, with crystal clear waters, calm sea, ideal for families with children for calm and happy dives. It's crystal clear waters acquire an ideal temperature for bathing from early spring, until the beginning of winter and there are many winter swimmers also!

Choose the place where you will enjoy it, either on a deck chair in a cafeteria that plays atmospheric music, paying only for your drink or coffee, or if you have your own equipment, umbrellas and beach chairs, anywhere on the spot of the beach you choose. Indulge in the caress of the sun, cool down and relax with a view from the imposing mountain of Chortiatis to the east, the city of Thessaloniki and the wonderful sunset in the mountains of Olympus.

Private cruise in the gulf of Thermaikos

A private, memorable and breathtaking experience! Enjoy a full day cruise in the crystal-clear sea of Thermaikos bay! Embark on a comfortable, safe and luxurious boat Hunter 460 BLUE FOAM to sail the deep blue.
Main destination is the Navagio beach in Epanomi area opposite of Mt. Olympus, the residence of the Greek Gods! You will get amazed by the spectacle of a cape in the shape of a sandy tongue that gets into the sea. A long literally sandy coastline with shells, turquoise waters competing in beauty with the different setting of a shipwreck. At noon before the hunger conquers us, you will taste a delicious lunch prepared by the Captain with fragrance of Northern Greece with the accompaniment of local wine while listening to Greek music! And there is more! We are able to bring your fantasies to life with activities, private tours and attractions on offer.
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